The growth of digital has meant that barriers to entry have been reduced. New markets are not just for multi-national corporations as SMEs are showing that agility and experimentation can lead to growth

Success in new markets involves understanding new platforms, cultures and languages. At Half A World, we work with business leaders to develop new market strategies which translate goals into returns


Strategy consulting and business development

Whether entering a new market, or looking to maximise returns from an existing market, our digital experts can help your business with insights and strategy to compete in the digital world


Market analysis, insights and data

Detailed and in-depth research and analysis to help companies make informed decisions about new markets and new products



Either on an owned site or a store on a marketplace, our team can advise, plan and negotiate strategies for companies' online sales


Digital marketing, advertising and ad-tech

Our in-house experts and strategic partners will plan, and deliver strategies tailored for your company in markets throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our experience includes SEO, SEM, PPC, display adverts and social content strategies


UX, customer journey AND CRM DEVELOPMENT

As customers move from discovery to purchase, it's vital to have this journey mapped and at its most efficient. Our strategists can help to integrate a company's marketing channels, customer service, apps and online stores to ensure a smooth sales experience for customers


Technical advice and development

Ensuring that your site, app or program works in your target market is vital to ensuring success of any launch. Our team of experts will ensure your tech works in market