We take the new brands of emerging markets to the old-world while launching Western brands in the East

Combining cultural knowledge, digital experience and creativity to help businesses reach new consumers in exciting markets. Through our deep understanding of digital and local cultures we provide clients with consulting, advice and execution aimed at driving success and growing value. 

We scale businesses by reaching dynamic new consumers

Global supply chains have diversified tastes, digital channels have lowered barriers to entry. And yet, linguistic, cultural, economic and political reasons have created a number of unique digital ecosystems and markets. Our global world is far from flat.

We work on the cutting edge, in markets that may seem remote

From Shanghai to Sydney and Singapore to Seoul, the Asia-Pacific region contains some of the most dynamic markets, consumers in the world. While consumers in the “old world” are anything but old, adopting ever-shifting preferences and habits. It’s no wonder that international expansion is still a huge challenge.

We bring the other half of the world to brands



At Half a World, we offer a wide range of services to support a business’s transition into a new market, be that in the Asia-Pacific region or launching in the West

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