We work on the cutting edge of markets that seem remote to many, helping scale businesses by reaching dynamic, new consumers. Asia is half of our world, while digital is half of everyone's world. 


From Shanghai to Sydney and Singapore to Seoul, the Asia-Pacific region contains some of the most dynamic markets in the world. The rewards for companies in the Asia-Pacific are great, and an experienced partner can help build success.

Linguistic, cultural, economic and political reasons have created a number of unique digital ecosystems in the region. Many consumers are mobile-first, and many of the established internet titans so dominant in developed markets are facing serious competition from local players. We can help to explain these differences and help you plan to maximise your company's presence in these markets. 

At Half a World we combine cultural knowledge, digital experience and creativity to help businesses reach new consumers in exciting new markets. Through our deep understanding of digital and local cultures we provide clients with consulting, advice and execution aimed at driving success and growing value.



At Half a World, we offer a wide range of services to support the digital side of your business across the markets of the Asia-Pacific region

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